Our Story

In January 2010 our Labrador Hustler weighed 96 lbs.

In May 2010 he weighed 69 lbs.

He enjoys more treats and larger meals. His 27 lbs weight loss was achieved in four months, without additional exercise.

Today he weighs 71 lbs. This is our story.

My dog could no longer exercise because of joint issues. Within a year he became obese. Everything changed the day the scale read 96 lbs, and I learned how excess weight caused his joints additional pain. As an analyst and researcher, I made a life changing decision – to use my skills to create a nutritionally balanced diet that would satisfy Hustler’s appetite and shed pounds. After extensive research, I formulated a unique and effective diet that provides healthy meals and those essential treats dogs love!

The Amazing Treat Diet for Dogs is a how-to diet book for dogs based on the funny, touching and true story of how I saved my dog, Hustler, from obesity. It is a charming and heartening tale, cleverly intertwined with diet principles and guidelines, including meal servings, treat servings, and information on how weight affects the health of your dog and what you can do about it.

This book will help you take charge and improve your pooch’s overall health with healthy, economical and easy to follow diet guidelines – everything from what to and what not to feed, including serving sizes, suggested recipes and important dog health information. You’ll learn holistic healing benefits of certain foods and how that apple a day may improve your dog’s health. There is also extensive photography which both enhances and simplifies the comprehensive nutritional information.

I created this diet to save my dog. I choose to share it because I know it will save your dog, too.