Featured in FIDO Friendly Magazine 2014

The Amazing Treat Diet For Dogs: How I Saved My Dog From Obesity by Katie Newman is featured in FIDO Friendly Magazine, Summer 2014 issue

Sponsor of the successful From Fat to Fido-Fabulous weight loss challenge. Below are the results and testimonials.

“Champ’s weight in January 2014 started at 106.7 pounds, official weight as of yesterday (May 12, 2014) is 94 pounds…The Amazing Treat Diet For Dogs book was the GREATEST! It not only helped Champ but our entire pack! This book is a wonderful source of information on fruits and veggies for your dog. I tried quite a few different ones on Champ; all the dogs are healthier because of it…This was the most wonderful experience for us and I thank you for picking Champ. We tried for years to get weight off of him.”
– Champ and Janice Trzeciak

“My Harley weighed 106 pounds when we started the challenge in January 2014. She is now down to 98 pounds and continues to lose fate while gaining more muscle and strength…The book: The Amazing Treat Diet for Dogs is a must have for anyone with overweight dogs and gave the direction, help and motivation needed to start the diet.
– Harley and Betty Wells

“I first knew Riley needed help when I looked down and saw him on the floor and he had a muffin top. He would huff and puff just walking to the kitchen and when we got back from our walks he was exhausted…I tried everything and nothing worked…I got to reading the book right away (The Amazing Treat diet for Dogs) and took notes on allergies and healthy treats. He likes carrots…bananas, apples and cucumber, but then only apples…He looks and feels great with no more huffing and puffing…His energy has returned and his allergies are pretty much under control. He started out as a plump 23 pounds and is now a lean 17.”
– Riley O’Shea and Jennifer Williams

FIDO Friendly Magazine Summer, 2014