Featured As A Modern Dog Magazine’s “Summer Must Read”

The Amazing Treat Diet For Dogs: How I Saved My Dog From Obesity by Katie Newman is featured in Modern Dog Magazine, Summer 2012 issue

“A timely and inspirational tale of how one woman turned to her crisper to help her Labrador Retriever, Hustler, lose 27 pounds in just four months. With an increasingly portly pet population – 54% of US pets are overweight, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, this title is bound to strike the interest of many a dog owner whose dog has somehow (the mystery!) snuck on some extra pounds. The book details how Hustler’s owner, Katie Newman, switched out store bought treats and reduced her dog’s meal portions by adding healthy, economical, and easy to prepare snacks to satisfy her dog’s appetite. With included appendices highlighting caloric content for fruits and veggies, plus daily feeding plans, this easy to follow guide will help you in your journey to save your dog from obesity.”

Connie’s Book Club, Modern Dog Magazine Summer, 2012