This book is AMAZING!

Kathy and Mocha testimonial

First I would like to thank Katie Newman & Hustler, the sweet baby boy. If you would ask me how to describe this wonderful book in one word it would have to be AMAZING!! This is a beautiful well written story about the sweetest pup named Hustler that just melts your heart with love. I am so blessed to have received this book from Katie.

When the book came I could not put it down. Katie was there for me and helped me with any questions I had. It never crossed my mind that my Mocha was overweight until reading about Hustler amazing journey to his new life. I thought she was just at a health weight and big boned like her mom, Ginger.

I had been feeding her only the best all natural grain free kibble along with all natural grain free treats. I didn’t realize how many treats my husband and I were giving her. Until I started writing a daily diary. She would get a treat after coming in from going potty then she would have her breakfast which we would hide a couple more in her bowl. Then before we left for work , she would bring her kongs that we would stuff more treats in. Yes,two kongs. We thought it was cute that she carried them to us so we would reward her.Then, my husband would come home first and give her some more treats to tied her over till dinner time and then more treats in the evening. I thought well they are healthy treats, so they have to be good for her.

I started reading quotes and comments that were mentioned in the book and now, looking back at pictures and remembering family, friends and total strangers pointing out to me too saying, “Wow Mocha sure hasn’t missed any meals.” She is such a BIG girl and have you ever thought about putting her on a diet. Even my veterinarian said to me on her last check up that she need to be at 80 pounds or less. She was too heavy for her scale so, we loaded up and went to Pet Marts and seen the horrible realization that my baby girl was weighting in at 96.5 pounds. So, that evening I came home and opened Mocha’s side of the cabinet that had all of her yummy cookies and treats. I bagged them up and gave some to friends , neighbors and even the local humane society.

The next day we started a new journey and now I can say that Mocha has lost over 12 pounds. We have a new look on life. Mocha has so much more energy and is full of excitement when we say are you ready for your Apples, Carrots, Bananas, etc.

Mocha is so much more alert and is a lot happier with the weight loss. We have our daily walks and she gets so excited to fetch her ball balls and ducks and does not have to lay down and rest like before. I can not be more Thankful for what this has done for the both of us. I thank Katie & Hustler every day in my prayers that this was such a blessing and we pray for continue healing for Hustler. I was so impressed with Hustler and Mocha’s weight loss that I paid it forward and purchased a book for a dear friend.
Hugs & Wet Kisses,
Kathy & Mocha

September, 2011: Mocha’s started The Amazing Treat Diet at 94.5 lbs.

March, 2012: Mocha weighs 73 lbs. Paws up for Mocha!

– Kathy & Mocha