Stella testimonial

Ninja testimonial

Believe me, this will NOT work UNLESS the parents read and apply. Honestly and very truthfully our Stellie lost 25 pounds and formerly chubby bubby Ninja has lost 40 pounds. Stella is now just under 90 pounds and Ninja at 95 pounds, more realistic weights for healthy dogs. We are still working on this yearlong campaign and have learned that it is for the rest of their lives that they eat healthy, giving me oh so many more years of love and companionship from them.

-Jan Jones & Labbie Puppy Ranch Gang

Great Reading!

Anna testimonial

My Mom got this book in an auction and she was delighted with it! There is a lot of very important and useful info, as complete lists of what is harmful to us, lots of great suggestions for non-fattening treats… And it’s not a dry manual, but great reading, as the author tells the story of her fat dog — and you can follow his progress on the diet, step by step! This is a must for all Retriever owners and other foodie breeds!

– Anna & Duda

This book is AMAZING!

Kathy and Mocha testimonial

First I would like to thank Katie Newman & Hustler, the sweet baby boy. If you would ask me how to describe this wonderful book in one word it would have to be AMAZING!! This is a beautiful well written story about the sweetest pup named Hustler that just melts your heart with love. I am so blessed to have received this book from Katie.
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The Amazing Treat Diet For Dogs book is the GREATEST!

“Champ’s weight in January 2014 started at 106.7 pounds, official weight as of yesterday (May 12, 2014) is 94 pounds…The Amazing Treat Diet For Dogs book was the GREATEST! It not only helped Champ but our entire pack! This book is a wonderful source of information on fruits and veggies for your dog. I tried quite a few different ones on Champ; all the dogs are healthier because of it…This was the most wonderful experience for us and I thank you for picking Champ. We tried for years to get weight off of him.”

– Champ and Janice Trzeciak

Now A Lean 17!

“I first knew Riley needed help when I looked down and saw him on the floor and he had a muffin top. He would huff and puff just walking to the kitchen and when we got back from our walks he was exhausted…I tried everything and nothing worked…I got to reading the book right away (The Amazing Treat Diet for Dogs) and took notes on allergies and healthy treats. He likes carrots…bananas, apples and cucumber, but then only apples…He looks and feels great with no more huffing and puffing…His energy has returned and his allergies are pretty much under control. He started out as a plump 23 pounds and is now a lean 17.”

-Riley O’Shea and Jennifer Williams

The Book Is A Must Have!

My Harley weighed 106 pounds when we started the challenge in January 2014. She is now down to 98 pounds and continues to lose fat while gaining more muscle and strength…The book: The Amazing Treat Diet for Dogs is a must have for anyone with overweight dogs and gave the direction, help and motivation needed to start the diet.

I’m not a cylinder anymore!

Bailey testimonial

Hi Hustler, it’s me Bailey. Do you notice anything new on my backside? It’s an actual waist!! I’m not a cylinder anymore. I’m losing slowly but surely. Tell your Mom, “Thanks,” Bro.

-Bailey Morgan

Pepper & I thank you!

Pepper testimonial

I wanted to tell you how great and helpful your book is for dog owners whose dogs need to maintain or lose some weight. It is easy to read and the instructions for the diet are very clear and simple to follow. Also very entertaining and I love the story of sweet Hustler, a book I will recommend to all my dog-owning friends and colleagues.

– Stephanie and Pepper, who loves his carrots and beans and recently tried celery and melon!

We got our book and just love it!

We got our book and just love it! Sorry that we didn’t post earlier but Mom has been busy ready it. We practice holistic eating here, with a little mix of fresh, organic fruits and veggies as treats and some with our kibble. Some of the items Mom never considered, like the fresh wild salmon vs. canned. Mom knew about the bones and is always careful, but had always thought fresh was best. We will be trying canned salmon soon! Thanks for getting the book out so quickly. We are really enjoying it and learning a lot from it!

-Zeke Dammert

Opie lost over 20 lbs!

Suzanne and Opie Henderson testimonial

Thank you Hustler Man and Katie Rose Newman….we are firm believers in this….our tubby little man lost over 20 pounds by following this plan….If you love your animals like we do, I implore you to buy this book and follow this plan…Your pet will thank you for it.

-Suzanne & Opie Henderson