This book changed my dog’s life!

Kim and Max testimonial

This book changed my dog’s life! Katie’s amazing treat diet is creative, informative, and inspiring! Katie and Hustler’s story truly resonated within me and here’s why…

I rescued Max, my thirteen year old Beagle, eight years ago. I brought him home unaware of his slue of medical issues. Living on the streets he had developed chronic bronchitis and heart worm disease. I found out soon after he also had epilepsy, arthritis, lower back pain, and to top it off he was extremely overweight. → Click Here to Read More.

This book is excellent!

Casi and Kitty testimonial

My little rat terrier weighed 18.8 pounds when we bought this book and after just 2 months she’s under 16 pounds and still losing! This book is easy to follow and has been a lifesaver for my dog. My dog is eating healthier and has much more energy. Thank you Katie and Hustler Man!

– Casi & Kitty

Jackie lost 15 lbs in 2 months!

Jackie and Shari testimonial

I can’t tell you how thankful I am for your book – Before this diet I had tried decreasing the kibble from 4 C a day to 3.5 C a day, but it really had no effect and I believe he gained weight.

Jackie has hit his target weight of 80 lbs down from 95 in 2 months. He’s a big boy so 75-80 is really his target. YAH! I can’t believe it, he has such a waist now. He seems really satisfied with his bananas, apples and pears, and now strawberries. Again thank you so much. (I have been telling all my friends about your book and a few of them are on the diet also.)

– Shari & Jackie

I LOVED it – Very inspirational!

I got my book & read it all in one sitting. I LOVED it – very inspirational… Hustler, you’re the best 🙂

– Laura & Little Red


This book is a MUST-READ for anyone with a dog, regardless of whether or not your pet is overweight. It is chock full of essential facts every dog owner should know to keep his or her “best friend” healthy and mobile – especially as the years go by when it’s easy to lose track of how much a few extra pounds can damage your dog’s health. Katie Newman writes clearly and engagingly as she shares her journey to return her dog Hustler to his optimal weight despite his hip issues which prevent him from vigorously exercising.

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Thank you!

Alyson and Penny testimonial

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This book should be required reading for all owners of dogs, and especially those with puppies!!! Thank you again!

– Alyson & Penny M.

Loaded with so much useful information & tips – A must have for all responsible dog owners!

EG and pups testimonial

This book is a must have for all responsible dog owners! I have to admit that like most dog owners, I gave my dogs treats quit often to distract them when they were bored or we were short on time to play/exercise. Katie’s book has inspired me to offer them more healthy foods for treats vs. empty calorie dog treats. I have a Bullmastiff that is prone to obesity due to his size and being such a lazy dog.

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Not just a diet book!

Not just a dog diet book– This is a heartwarming story of a Lab named Hustler and his journey from obesity to good health. The story itself will make you laugh, and cry. The book is filled with fantastic photos, illustrations and nutrition info. The diet is easy, practical, inexpensive — and most important, it will satisfy your dog’s appetite.

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I want to encourage everyone to buy this book!

I want to encourage everyone to buy this book! It is amazing!


Heartwarming and life-changing!

This book is a real wake-up call to those of us guilt-ridden from the lack of quality time we are able to spend with our loved ones that give treats to make up for it, much to the chagrin of our dogs’ waistlines. Hustler’s charming story as told by Katie is inspiring, encouraging and delightful with adorable accompanying pictures. Everything is broken down and easy to understand and the appendix is loaded with helpful information. Katie reminds us that our dog’s diet is decided by us and that we are the reason our dog is fat. Her early experience is also a reminder that our dogs can get heavy without us even realizing it (because we see them every day). Treats can be healthy and our dogs can eventually love the vegetables and fruit as much as the high-calorie biscuits. The Amazing Treat Diet is easy, effective, and economical and will probably help improve your own diet too!

I am an animal massage therapist and Registered Vet Tech and have been recommending this book as an invaluable tool to help save my clients from obesity, just as Hustler was saved from The Amazing Treat Diet. I will be giving this life-changing book as a Christmas gift!

– Pam Holt, owner Buddha Dog Massage